Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 22nd.... you know what's coming!

(Left) Handsome Django (orange tabby) popped in for a pre-Christmas Holiday. We look forward to seeing him again in the New Year. He's a gentle, shy big boy...

(Left) Olivia (grey/white tabby) and Mirette (calico) are joining all of their buddies for the Christmas Holidays. Both gorgeous girls have visited the B&B many times in the past. I'm sure that they have met each other before.

(Left) Adorable Zaria (white) is a familiar face on my blog. I've known her since she was a wee kitten. She's not a 'big' kitty in size but she has plenty of personality.... I always have fun with her. She's not used to the hot air balloon being mounted on the wall.... she found it and landed in it, before take-off, just the same.

(Left) More adorable girls visiting for Christmas.... Tess (dark tabby/white) was just in a couple of weeks ago... and came back yesterday. Jane also arrived yesterday. These two have met on previous visits too. So many regulars. Many more to come.....So much fun to be had!

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