Thursday, December 17, 2009

The calm before the .... party!

(Left) Xena (black/white) and her brother Ares, are spending another Christmas with us all. They get to see all of their old friends yet again. Most of my Holiday kitties have been in before but there are a few 'new additions' to some families. We look forward to welcoming them too.

(Left) Ares (orange tabby) just arrived with his sister yesterday, but this is their second home. Ares took time to soak up a bit of glorious sunshine this morning while playing with a few toys. He was happy to see Odo again. They started playing together right away.

(Left) This is a picture of Odo (black/white) while he awaits the rest of his friends. He looks forward to seeing mom next week. This big boy likes to suntan from his favorite play structure, the spaceship.

(Left) Sammy (dark tabby) just went home yesterday. As you can see, he doesn't spend all of his time in the airplane. He loves BigBird2 watching.... The orange silhouette, on the left, is Simba, watching Sammy get crazy.

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