Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HO, HO, Holy Snow...

(Left) Newbie Eugene (orange tabby) was very helpful earlier this week, with my painting and carpeting work. He's such a friendly boy. This picture was taken the day he arrived. He wasted no time in exploring and meeting everyone. He's quite an affectionate kitty.

(Left) Gorgeous little brother Bunny (grey) and sister Holly, below, (brown) are visiting again. They sure know how to draw a crowd to the hallway french doors. They love nothing better, than when I open their door in the morning, to let them tear around the hallway. They have visited a few times in the past. As bunnies go.. these two are very gentle and social.

(Left) Big boy Kuzia (dark tabby) is back again. This time to spend Christmas with all of his friends. My little hand sink makes for a cozy 'basket'. He doesn't normally sleep in the sink but will sit there, out of the traffic, to watch the afternoon activities.

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  1. I love the concept..and the picures are adorable...