Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ottawa Cats doing Cat Stuff.

(Left) Mimi (black/white) was visiting us last week. She has been coming in for many years. I've known her mom since my first year, when she would bring her previous girl, Felix, in to stay with us. Little Mi is very sweet and gentle. She's normally quiet too, unless you put her in her carrier. Then, the singing starts.

(Left) This cute picture of Monk (Black kitten) was taken during his last visit, with his brother Kenji. It was a rare treat to see Monk lying down. As you can see, he wasn't sleeping though. Just a little pit-stop to recharge, then off he goes again.

(Left) Handsome Mystere (black) has an extented stay while the family is off on the trip of a life time. He's doing great with all of the other cats. This is a low maintenance kitty..... no trouble, no drama, no demands..... He's very easy to get along with.

(Left) Raffie (grey/white) on the other hand, is very vocal and makes a point of being seen. He loves his wet food. Sometimes eating is more important than everything else... like, standing on solid footing... Raffie is also having an extended holiday with us.

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