Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The boys have it....

(Left) Antone (dark tabby) is often found in one of his favorite phone booths.... No, he's not calling Mom & Dad... It's just a real opportune place to settle, if you want to BigBird1 watch.... He's real sweet. I've known him for years.

(Left) Mystere (black) is visiting again, after a couple of years away. He a is gentle, shy, calm little boy and loves to sleep in the floor hay bail. He can still see what's going on in the room, but because of it's position, he's normally out of people's line of view. He's doing great.

(Left) Gunnie (dark tabby) has never hung out in the rocket before.... but he and Simba really like it in there. Gunther is one of those cats that likes height and/or eye level height. If his big yellow pillow is taken, I will usually find him in the rocket or in one of my tree houses. This is Moe's brother, from yesterday. These boys are talkers!

(Left) Nickle (orange/white tabby) also loves his height. He hangs out on the upper bunk beds or on the top level of the phone booths usually. He does great when he visits. He's a social cat that loves the interaction with the other cats. He and Antone often bunk together in the phone booths.

(Left) Here's another familiar face. Cordy (dark tabby/white) was snapped, hanging out in the kitchen cupboards. This isn't his all time favorite spot. He loves the top corner bunk beds, near the big sunny windows. But, I've also had 'Cordy sightings' in the rocket. He's real playful and social with his buddies.

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