Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14th... Christmas tunes anyone!?!

(Left) My handsome little Olaf (dark tabby) will be spending the Holidays with us, and then some... He's an adorable, gentle little boy. We will have many pics of him, going forward. He's doing great and enjoying the new toys already...

(Left) Cookie (muted tortoise shell) couldn't get into her Townhouses this past weekend, because I divided the room in 2, so that I could finish my messy construction stuff... She will spend the rest of her holiday on that side, no doubt. She can be a bit shy sometimes, but that never stops her from relaxing and enjoying her stay.

(Left) Dimitri (orange tabby) is back in once again, and has settled in to one of his favorite afternoon spots. He's such a cutie. He isn't spending Christmas with us this year, but we will see him again shortly afterwards. It's always a pleasure having him stay with me.

(Left) Cordy (dark tabby/white) had too much fun rough housing with Tara (grey/white tabby), last week. Odo (black & white) , is a bit difficult to see. If you zoom in, you will see that he is on the ferris wheel, between the 2 wooden black cats. He was quite entertained by the others.

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