Monday, December 21, 2009

The Pet Bed & Breakfast starts it's 9th year today!

I love this time of year because so many old friends get together to eat, drink and make merry... Many happy memories will carry each one through to their next holiday together.....

(Left) Jasper (black) meets up again with his close buddy Sweetie (Siberian). They always have a great time together. This pic was taken after 1pm Sunday... they still hadn't slept since the early morning.

(Left) Bow's (orange/white tabby) mom was so worried about Bow's new little brother Ty, (dark tabby/white) in the background. This pic was taken shortly after they arrived Friday morning.... Little Ty may be a bit shy with strangers, at the house, but he certainly had no issues with all the other kitties. They had an amazing weekend with all of their friends and BigBird2, of course.

(Left) As all the Holiday revellers filter in, everyone is jockeying for their favorite spots.... Sophie (dark tabby), is on the pink/orange town house roof. To the right, is Wiley (dark tabby/white). We first met him this past summer. Zaria (white) and Sophie, have been holidaying with me for many years. Scheduled to go home before Christmas, is our newbie Eugene (orange tabby). He had a great first visit but I know he'll be happy to see mom & dad, just the same.

(Left) Cookie (muted tortoise shell) won't be spending Christmas with us this year. She also had a nice stay with us. I was sure that she would've moved into the tall townhouses, on the other side of the group environment, but she quite liked the new location of the tractor & wagon load of haybails....

It has been an incredible 8 years for me building the Pet B&B. Thank you again to all of my recent and long time customers for your business, friendship and support. It has been great getting to know you all, and your little furries....

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