Saturday, December 26, 2009

When the whole family visits....

(Left) Max (calico) has been Christmasing with us for many years. She visits a few times a year with her brother BooBoo the bunny. She is a bit shy but sooo sweet.

(Left) Kedosh's (siamese) mom was so sad to leave her little girl for Christmas. This gorgeous kitty visited us for a few weeks this past summer for the first time. She's having fun, as you can see.... She's a good climber & jumper and has fun being goofy, in the morning sunshine.

(Left) Baby Charlie (grey/white tabby) is visiting us for the first time, with his new big sister Winnie. He was quite shy his first day in.... boy, how things change. He's now the life of the party... He fits right in with his new buddies, Percy, Bow, Ty, Jasper, Esmeralda & Kedosh... just to name a few.... He will sleep for a couple of days when he goes back home...

(Left) Many people will recognize Peanut (grey/white tabby). He is visiting with his new young brother Nando, whom you've already seen.... and will see much more of... Peanut is a big marshmallow... he's a bit shy too, but is very schmoozie when he knows you a tad.

(Left) Petit Loup (grey/white) is back with his brother Kashmir. This boy is a whole lotta fur.... and fun. When you pick him up, he's not so heavy.. he just looks huge... Both brothers are gentle and social.
Looks like everyone here has a sibling except Kedosh... I don't think she'd object to that... not for a second!

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