Friday, December 25, 2009

Very Merry Christmas from the Pet B&B kitties!

(Left) Christmas Kitties everywhere! Our little hairless kitty, Betsy (Cornish Rex) had her little Santa's helper coat on, when she arrived this week. She likes to be in the Christmas spirit... and, she likes staying warm. Our handsome Gizmo (grey & white) and adorable girl Xena (black & white), also wish their families a wonderful Christmas Day!

(Left) Cisco (dark tabby) is a charming, gentle big boy. We last saw him in the summer time. He's enjoying all of the Christmas music and treats...Oh, the treats..... lots of treats to go around.... Sorry guys, no live turkeys!

(Left) Christmas Festivities... Feline Style! Zaria (white) and Nando (grey/white tabby kitten) hit it off right away. They are usually spotted playing tag and/or relay racing around the group area. They are certainly going to enjoy the rest of their stays.

(Left) Molly (black) is visiting for the first time. She is less than a year old and so sweet. She is making many new friends. I have a dozen or so youngsters in upstairs, so she'll never get bored. I know who's going to sleep well tonight.

(Left) More handsome boys taking a Christmas pause, to refresh and recharge, from the days activities. Bow (orange/white tabby) and Sweetie (Siberian) met a couple of times this past year. They, and I, wish everyone a wonderful, healthy, happy & safe Holiday. Don't rush HOHO Home, Mom's and Dad's. We're having a ball!

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