Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So many friends dropping in today! Can you say crazy time?!

(Left) Little miss Sophie loves the camera.... She has schmoozie-ness in the bones.... & eyes.... She can be shy sometimes, but those are generally times, when you don't have a camera in hand... She's only too willing to pour on the charm.... And, she does it so well!

(Left) Our handsome Eugene (orange tabby) just went home... I snapped him relaxing, in between the hay bails... He's not one to curl up and hide behind a curtain... He's much more of a face-to-face, kinda guy. We look forward to seeing him next time..

(Left) There's our little Ty (dark tabby/white) and Odo (black/white) trying to entice BigBird2 to come out and play again. Big little Sweetie (Siberian) had already given up on BigBird, and was seated along the stair ledge, not far away. These three boys had a great time together.

(Left) My Wylie Coyote (dark tabby/white) is such a gentle, charming character. He's another one that likes the camera. I had him come down to a lower landing, and he was very funny, goofing around and head butting everything... too bad that the pictures were poorly timed.... I didn't get a nice face shot of him, while playing.... funny guy!

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