Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ya Whooo... A long weekend! And, It's August.

(Left) Sydney (black/white Maine Coon) has just come back for another visit with his sisters Bailey & Cali... It's always fun to see them back... You can tell that he just arrived, because he hasn't made it into the airplane yet... It is one of his favorite play structures... The girls are busy doing their own thing too.

(Left) This gorgeous little calico is named Belle. She is a cutie.... She and her two brothers have settled right in... She's a busy girl. You never really know where you'll find her, throughout the day. She hasn't really settled on one or two favorite resting spaces yet.... We'll keep you posted, if and when she does.

(Left) There's my gorgeous girl Gingko Maria again.... ok, I added the Maria... I know she likes that name. She is a playful, clever young girl... The tips of her ears curl outwardly, ever so slightly. When we have lots of black kitties in... she is easy to pick out of the crowd, even from a distance, by checking the tips of her ears.... It's always great to see her again.

(Left) Speaking of playful kitties, this is Woodie (solid grey). She has a very interesting face and eyes. She's not that into playing with the other cats. She prefers to find a few toys and play on her own... She likes to trick the other cats as they're walking by, and will bat at their tails, all in fun. She usually has a few friends bunking up there with her, on her favorite top bunk bed. If she's not there, check in the tractor.. she likes to take it out for a spin.

(Left) Speaking of black kitties.... We had 3 of our girls, all lined up with a window view... This was during one of our cool summer days... can't remember which, just pick a date... they all kinda seemed the same. Closest to us, is Ginni, with the blue collar. She just went home after spending more than a month with us... We miss her already. She's a pleasure... But, we still have sisters Salem (middle) and Shadow (farthest) to keep us company and entertain us with their charms and personality.... They will be staying a bit longer this trip.

(Left) Kicia (white/dark tabby) was relaxing in one of her favorite hay bails again. I'm sure that she'll be excited to see her family again next week... We've known Kicia a number of years already... She likes to do her own thing at the Pet B&B... She keeps an eye on everything, but likes to pretend that she's not. She tries to hide her curiosity... but we've seen it.

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