Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hot, hot, hot!

(Left) Felix (dark tabby) and Leftie (black) have met many times before. Both little boys are friendly, well socialized, and very relaxed with the other cats. For sure, these two boys, have many neighbourhood friends that they pass the time with, when outside.

(Left) Yes, Meowie (grey/white tabby) is still with us... and still having a fabulous time, with his feline friends. Here's another kitty that would love a little brother or sister, at the house, one day. He's got a whole lotta play in him!

(Left) Oh, Trema.... could you try to look less stressed out!?!... Just kidding, little cutie. Here, she's lying down, looking out of our big sun shine filled windows. For a female dark tabby, this is a real laid back girl... She, and brother Apostrophe, love to hang out and visit with their friends, a few times a year.

(Left) Maggie (black/white) visited us a year ago, for the first time. It's so nice to see her back again. She's a playful little girl and is right at home, in the airplane, in front of the big sunny windows.... Some of these outdoor cats, are perfectly happy to be inside, in the beautiful air conditioning, during a hot spell like we're having. Make sure that your outdoor kitties have lots of access to cold, fresh water, through out the day... especially when it's hot like this. There aren't many puddles left for them to drink from.

(Left) A week ago, we would've referred to little Tia (tortoise shell), as our little Tiger.... but, she's all adjusted now... and being very charming, curious, friendly and playful, with the other cats. It's doing her good, to get her over her fear of other cats. She's even made a few select friends.

(Left) There's my little Tines.... Little Tiny (grey/white tabby) is a longtime, regular visitor to my Pet B&B. He's getting up there, in age, but still loves to hang out with the playfullest, youngest kitties.... I guess he's still a big kitten at Heart!

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