Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Sunny Holiday from Ottawa's Cats, to you!

(Left) Look who has returned for a second visit.... Yes, It's little Churchill (black/white kitten). In for the first time, is Meowie, this handsome grey tabby. He's not very old either. I have so many youngsters in right now,that fall into the one year age bracket. They say that rainy days make you lazy and want to sleep... I can assure you that this wasn't the case here! It took Meowie & Churchill about 3 hours before they started to run, chase and play wrestle... they've been having a ball since. Churchill's mom said that he was so tired when he got back home last week, that he slept for....... about 2 hours! This guy's got energy!

(Left) Here's another youngster, in for the first time. This handsome little orange & white tabby, is visiting us from Milton, ON. Yes, male orange tabbies from Milton are just as playful and schmoozie, as those from Ottawa! He adjusted very quickly and is already making friends. No doubt, he'll be tired on the car drive back home.

(Left) More cuties... this little grey and white female is called Fozzy. She and her sister Frimousse are very gentle. Frimousse is a bit shyer than her sister so far, but both welcome attention and a big neck scratch. They are enjoying watching all of the kitty craziness, as it unfolds around them.

(Left) Gaffer (black/white) is very social. He has decided that the train cars are his favorite place to sleep. You never know which one he's in, or under, but that is a good place to start looking.... opening a can of wet food, works too, if you can't find him. .. but, mostly he just comes running to you if you call his name. That's Chewbaca (dark tabby/white) with his back to the camera. He just went home this weekend.

(Left) Jingles (calico) likes to lay in the sunshine filled windows, on those rare days that we have sunshine... otherwise, she likes to sleep up high, either on top of the kitchen pantry or fridge. Her sister Flick is usually not far away either. Gaffer (above) is their brother. All three are very friendly and gentle kitties. They say HI to mom and dad, out west. 'Hope you are enjoying the sunshine!'

(Left) Finley (dark tabby) is in with his brother Theo and sister Belle, the calico. This big boy and Mello, are never far from people, and always looking for a head butt.... I think that Finley would be happiest, if you could carry him around in your pocket all day... that would be some pocket! He's not what you'd call a pocket sized pet. Male dark tabby... another one for the schmooze files!

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