Sunday, August 30, 2009

Maggie, Riley & Molly Looking for Their Forever Families

Maggie ia a long haired female dark tabby kitten. Riley is an orange female kitten.
Riley is somewhat unique because she is a girl. Orange Tabbies are usually male. Maggie and Riley, along with their two brothers Cagney and Flynn were born under a shed in a west end neighbourhood. The quads were lively little things and the two boys, then about four weeks old, were caught pretty easily but the mother moved the other two kits before they could be caught.
The search was on and the neighbourhood alerted and after a few days they were spotted. A board was removed from the fence of the rescuers garden for easy access and a carrier with food was set out. The mother began to come for food every day but she did not bring the other two kits. This went on for over a week then the visits became less frequent and the kits were nowhere to be seen. A neighbour heard a kitten crying during the night but it was a little gray kitten unrelated to the other litter. Eventually the quad's mum reappeared but no sign of the kits.
It took a bit of investigative leg work but finally the kits were rediscovered. They were in another neighbour’s yard and he was able to contain them in his shed. Maggie and Riley were about eight weeks old by this time and were smaller than their brothers. Maggie and Riley are being fostered by the rescuer and are now lively, healthy little things who get along well with Molly, the little gray kitten and the other four older cats in the household. Cagney and Flynn have already been adopted and Maggie, Riley and Molly are hoping it won’t be long before they too find their forever homes.
It is estimated that Maggie and Riley were born around the begining of May. They are up to date with routine shots and are house trained.

Footnote: The quad's mum has now been caught and is in a foster home. She has been spayed and the foster is working with her to socialize her and will integrate her into her feline family. She will stay with the foster where she will live in a safe and nurturing environment with her feline companions.

Molly (below) is a small female grey and white kitten. Her story is connected to that of Maggie and Riley's because she may never have been found had it not been for them. This sweet little four week old orphaned kitten was heard crying in the middle of the night. This precious little bundle was found behind some plants huddled against a wall. Frightened and hungry she had been there all night and all day in extremely hot weather. There was no sign of her mother or any other kittens and it’s a complete mystery as to where she came from or how she got there. Molly was found while searching for Maggie and Riley, two siblings of a litter that was born under a shed in the same area. Molly is quite small but what she lacks in stature she makes up for in stamina. She is very active and entertaining. She gets along with all the other cats and kittens in her foster's household and is not afraid of anyone or anything. She is an absolute delight.
It is estimated that Molly was born around the end of May. Molly is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.
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