Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Looks like a look-a-like!

(Above) First, there was Spot (white with orange tabby), then, there was Spartacat (white with orange tabby), then there was Spartacat, and finally Spot again.... I know that must all sound a bit confusing.... but, it can be a bit confusing when these two boys are in at the same time... Im sure though, that it's Spot that's in the picture above.... He's sharing the phone booth with our adorable girl Feline (dark tabby). They both spend parts of their day here, which happens to have a bird's eye view of.... BigBird1! Now I understand where that expression came from!
(Above) Our handsome little Romeo (black/white) looks a whole lot like his sister Princess (black/white). One of the few features that distinguish the two apart, is that Princess has a black dot on her nose, and little Romeo has a pink nose. They are both very friendly and social. They love it when you stop, crouch down and talk to them, while looking them in the face. They are happy to meow right back at you.
(Above) Now, I'm sure that this handsome little white and orange kitty above is Spartacat. He does look a little nervous in this picture though... Could that have anything to do with the fact that our little silly pants Churchill (black/white) is sitting on the floor behind him, ever so quietly!?! Kinda like little kids, when they are being too quiet... it makes you a little nervous... Not that you'd need to keep an eye on little Churchill.... Oh, NO!!

(Left) There's one of our gorgeous calicos.. This girl, is appropriately named Cali.... She's a very sweet, gentle girl. Here, we have her, on one of her favorite pillows... Most times, when you look up here, you'll find our little Sam (white/dark tabby) up there with her. They seem to spend a lot of time together... Is there something you want to tell us Cali!? Will mom & dad be bringing 4 kitties home next week.... rather than 3!?

(Left) Hugo (dark tabby) looks quite a bit like Kuzia. Hugo has a bit of a reputation for being a Hell Raiser outside, at home. It's funny, because he's quite shy at the Pet B&B. He does his own thing, and has taken to the hay bails, for sleeping most days. He can act and sound a bit scary, but he and I, get along famously. He's actually very gentle. He just plays tough guy, to compensate for his fears of people and other cats outside.

(Left) Our handsome little Cashmire (ragdoll) sure knows how to look relaxed and comfortable.... When you find him, he's undoubtedly out stretched and looking chilled. That's a real Ragdoll trait.... I often say, that you could probably pick one up by their back paw, and they'd still purr.... Let's clarify.... I've never done this, nor do I suggest that you try! These guys know how to roll with it... Cashmire's brother Sacha, also a ragdoll, is the same way....

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