Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The airplanes are loaded and ready for take off...

(Left) There's my Cookie Girl.... This cute little muted tortoise shell loves to hang out in the townhouses when she visits. We've know Cookie for about 4 years I believe. She visits us regularly throughout the year. We always look forward to seeing her.

(Left) We have a whole lotta orange kitties at the Pet B&B, some of these have just left. On the top of the airplane wing, is Rodney, below him, is his brother Leo. Under the Kitty Hawk sign, is our handsome little Mango again.

(Left) On the top of this plane is Rodrigue (orange/white), the orange tabby, closest to us, is Whiskers. The black & white kitty to the front of the picture, is Maggie. You can just barely make out the black/white kitty behind Maggie.. that's our boy Churchill... hangin' out with a few of his new friends. The other black/white, to the right of Whiskers, is Hank.

(Left) Over the Rainbow, we have Mirette (calico left) and her little beau, Chazz (dark tabby/white). I had no idea that these two cuties were so chummy with each other. That's the thing about the Pet B&B... new friendships can blossom, anywhere, anytime.

(Left) Stanley (black with white) has been in before. He's a handsome and playful little guy. He has one blue and one yellow eye. They are quite striking, against his silky black coat. This is one social cat.

(Left) I don't often get a shot with Gizmo (grey/white) and his brother Simba (orange/white) together. They don't normally hang out this close to each other. Simba loves the kitchen counters and our big loft. While Gizmo loves the spaceship, and more recently, this little FlowerPower structure that was placed in front of BigBird2. Both boys are big schmoozes and love the camera.

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