Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gotta love those lazy days of summer...

(Left) This picture was taken a while ago. If you had to ask me What's the fastest way to get sleeping cats onto their feet? I'd have to list, in my top 5 answers, Have someone send you a fax! Here we have Salem (black window) and Cordy (dark tabby) to the rescue. 'Don't want to waste any time reading it, in case it's urgent!'

(Left) There's our boys Tiny (grey/white tabby) and Kahlua (dark tabby). These two are very playful, agile and social with the other cats. Tiny loves to sleep up on the cat beds, on the loft. Kahlua can be spotted just about everywhere you look.

(Left) Some one was snoozing.... We didn't mean to wake little Mickey (dark tabby) up. I guess he figured that it was time to get up anyway. You don't often find him curled up in the bottom of the phone booths like this. He usually prefers a bit of height under him.

(Left) Mr. Pegoodle.... oh alright, Pegu, was snapped while he nestled himself inside of the big fabric cat tunnel. It is certainly getting a lot of use since it arrived at the Pet B&B. We'll have to track down a couple more.

(Left) More gorgeous white kitties. Jade has been to visit us before. I know she's very excited to see mom & dad in a few days. She splits her time between the Kitty Cabs and the airplane... both are parked right in front of the big sunny windows... She's not too hard to track down.

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