Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I think that most of you will agree... Summer has finally started!

(Left) The cute little tiny dark tabby, to the back of the picture is called Mittens. She's getting on in years. We've had her separate from the main group, for the last few weeks because of her special food but, she's wanted to come out and play with her friends. So, we started letting her in the big group during the day. She loves all of the commotion and climbing structures. The white cutie is Celeste and the chocolate point Siamese, is our adorable Kedosh.

(Left) Not to be outdone by his little sister Mittens, Leo (grey) knows how to enjoy himself too. We have both of them for another week or so. Both kids are doing great and having so much fun with all of what's on offer.

(Left) With all of our dark tabbies right now, you really need to look for distinctive markings, to be sure that you're talking about the right kitty. This little gorgeous girl is named Carabelle. She, and her sister Leanna, are in again, passing part of their summer holidays with us. Always a pleasure to have them.

(Left) Mickey (dark tabby on the bed) and Mirette (calico), have both been visiting us for their vacations, many years already. They both do really well and fit right in to the summer busy-ness. They are both single cats, in their house holds... but, I'm sure that they've met on more than one occasion.

(Left) Nootka (chocolate point Burmese) visited us a few years ago, for the first time. If I'm not mistaken, his first visit, was when he arrived, en route from England. We see him every so often. He always remembers his favorite corner bunk beds.

(Left) Emily (dark tabby/white), is the sister of Angel Wing. Emily found her very own quiet spot to curl up and pass out in. She's quite energetic, and likes to partake in the morning activities, with all of the other kitties, but when she's tired, she often returns to one of her favorite train cars, for a snooze.

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