Saturday, August 8, 2009

All in the families....

(Left) Good job Mello! Marshmallow (white with dark tabby patches) would be quite an impressive hunter, if we let him outside... Felix (black) was helping him to lasoo the prize, but had already had enough... Time for a break!

(Left) Well. Don't these two look cozy? Little Belle (calico left) had a nice leisurely lie-in, with Marcel (grey/white) up on our cat-sized cat beds, on our loft. Marcel is a single cat in his household. Belle is in with her two brothers Theo & Finley, both of whom you've already met on my blog.

(Left) Sacha (chocolate point ragdoll) is visiting with his brother Cashmire... These friendly boys love to be around, everything.... These handsome boys have been visiting us for many years. We first met them when they were more or less still kittens... They've been cuddly since the first day.

(Left) Our gorgeous little girl Emma (grey/white tabby) just left us, with her 4 siblings... She spent most of her stay, up on the high pillows, with her new buddy Sam (white/dark tabby patches). Both kitties are very gentle, albeit a bit shy with strangers...

(Left) This little cutie is Princess (black/white). She's the sister of Romeo (black/white). They are usually on the go, checking everwhere, to see what's up! They both like people and hanging out in the windows....

(Left) Simba (orange tabby) is one of our diabetic friends... The little cutie, that's sitting beneath him, is one of his sisters Sacha (dark tabby). Sacha is very fearful of most people. She's the complete opposite to her brother Simba, who loves everyone.

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