Thursday, August 13, 2009

Break out the sunscreen, Ottawa!

(Left) Gingko Maria (black) is one of our long time friends. She, like many of our shy visitors, regularly snuggles up beside one of my big Selenite stones. She finds it brings her a lot of peace and calmness. She has a huge personality, one that she often tries to hide, away from strangers.

(Below) Sacha (dark tabby) inched her way, ever closer, to BigBird2. She was visiting with her mother and 3 siblings, last week.

(Left) There's Moggy (black), hanging out among the train cars. He's been with us all week. He, and his sister Celeste, the white cat from earlier this week, had lots of fun with all of their buddies. They are both adorable, social cats.
(Below) Tiger (orange/white) was spotted snoozing in one of the red phone booths. It must've been a very busy day, because he's almost exclusively found, in front of the big sunny windows, or under our Kitty Cab cars... He's very warm and gentle... he can be quite a talker if you get him going.

(Left) Here's another of our long eared friends. This little cutie is named Tinkerbell. She's a gorgeous little dwarf rabbit. I always had rabbits as a kid. I think that they can be even funnier than cats a lot of the time. They certainly have personalities that are just as colorful.
(Below) There's my boy Sparky (dark tabby). This handsome little guy has got to be one of my first 100 cat customers... I've known him a long time. He's such a kitten when you place him among a whole crowd of young crazy pants'....

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