Saturday, August 15, 2009

Duos & Duets.

(Left) There's our gorgeous little calico named Tiggy2. She is a playful little one. She's seen here, in one of her favorite spots, atop the 3 level bunk beds. If she's not here, you will surely find her entertaining BigBird1, or playing upon the hay bails.

(Left) Here are a couple of our long time friends. Leftie (black) sits at the forefront of the tractor, while Hugo (dark tabby) walks along beside it. Some cats just feel more comfortable knowing that their feet are touching solid ground. Leftie is visiting us again with his brother Frankie. Hugo is a single cat in their household.

(Left) Apostrophe (muted tortoise shell) is a handsome little big boy. He, and his sister, Trema are a bundle of energy. They would be about a year old now. They are having a great time with Kedosh & Jasper. They had already met Jasper on previous visits.

(Left) I was hoping to catch Taz (dark tabby) still asleep but I guess the camera woke her. She loves to sleep in the back of our large room, especially upon our tiger pillow. She's visiting with her sister Streak. Streak has stayed with us before, but it is Taz's first time. Both girls are doing great.

(Left) Here, we have a couple of new faces. The big orange Persian is named Morris while Pudgewick is the dark tabby with white. They were often spotted hanging out together, in the kitchen cupboards, during siesta time. Both are a tad shy, very gentle and are visiting us for the first time. Pudgewick has a sister named Saucisses.

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