Saturday, August 29, 2009

A lotta new faces to adore!

(Left) This gorgeous little dark tabby/white, is named Tara. She's a sweet, gentle purr machine. It is her first visit at the Pet B&B but we've had two of her cousins visit, in the past. She is doing great and looking forward to seeing the family in a couple of days.

(Left) This little grey & white cutie is named Victoria. She is a spunky little girl... especially considering the fact that she's 18 years old. She just went home. She fit in well with the other cats and was looking forward to spending some time outside this weekend.

(Left) Stella (dark tabby) was also visiting for the first time. She loves height, and hanging out with BigBird1. She has a luxurious soft coat and loves her neck scratches. She had fun with her new friends.

(Left) Oh Hi Toto! I was wondering where you got to.... This little boy likes to switch things up on a regular basis.... he takes full advantage of all of the different play structures.. He's an adorable orange schmooze. He can't wait to see mom & dad in a couple of days to tell them all about his big adventure... It was great to see him again.

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