Monday, August 17, 2009

Play, play, play, rest, ham it up, play some more!

(Left) Sacha (chocolate point Ragdoll) and his brother Cashmire, go home today. We had so much fun with them, again this trip. Celeste's mom and dad brought us this fabric tunnel. Celeste and Moggy didn't like to play with it. It has certainly been well enjoyed this past week, by Sacha & many others.

(Left) Bella (calico) just went home, after her first visit. The pirate boat was, by far, her favorite play structure. You could also spot her up on top of the Rainbow sometimes. She did really well. I'm sure that she's enjoying being home with her 2 siblings again.

(Left) It is not Tuco's first time (white)to the Pet B&B. She's been in before. As you can tell, by her neck scratching, she likes to be given lots of attention. She also likes having her picture taken. She's a cutie.

(Left) Little Jasper (black) was playfully batting at my hand, but Pegu (chocolate Burmese) thought that Jasper was swatting at him. Little Jasper didn't even know that Pegu was inside of the spaceship, behind the plexi glass. I have a good few pics of this. It was quite funny. I'll post more of them, at a later date.

So many black and white cats in this week. This gorgeous little one is named Sophie. She's visiting with her brother Felilx. You'll see him soon enough. Sophie likes to sleep and relax inside of the townhouses, while her brother Felix, likes to sleep ontop of the townhouses. He is quite a bit shyer than his sister.

(Left) And white kitties... we've had quite a few in the past weeks. This gorgeous little white cat is named Angel Wing. She's visiting us again, with her sister Emily. Both girls know how to get attention, by flashing their innate cuteness... These are a couple of very social little ladies...

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