Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ottawa Cats on Vacation!

(Left) Our shy little dark tabby is named Frimousse. She's even shy at home. I was very proud of her, as the week went on... I even found her sleeping up on top of the Rainbow, in plain view, for all to see. She and her sister Fozzy are calm and gentle.

(Above) Ah yes... Paris in the Summertime! Yes, it is an absolutely beautiful country, any time of the year. Not unlike our gorgeous girl, Paris (dark tabby/white), above. She's visiting us with her adorable sister Mocha (below).. The girls send a big Hi, to Mom & Dad.

(Left) This isn't the greatest picture of our friend Frankie (black/white) . Unfortunately, he's another one of those cats that can' t sit still when you are near. He's got quite the impressive motor on him, when he fires it up.... And, as many customers learned yesterday, he tends to drool when he gets going. He and his brother Leftie are extremely friendly & social.

(Left) Yes. Mocha in the Summertime, is a wonderful pleasure too.. You guessed it... This is Paris' sister (muted tortoise shell). She has her shy moments, but makes cat friends very quickly... This is one of her favorite spots... up high, in the half tunnels... one of the best views in the house.

(Below) Oh NO! It looks like Hebi (solid grey) has been run over by a train car! False alarm... On closer inspection, I could see the green little mouse, that he threw himself under that parked train car, to get. No need to worry. There were no injuries to report. I was telling Hebi's mom yesterday, that he would have too much fun with another cat at the house... or, puppy even.... I believe that the handsome little dark tabby, pictured to the right of Hebi, is little boy Tigger. He just went home yesterday as well.

(Left) Wow. We've got a full flight packed and loaded this morning.... Guess it's gonna be a long one, all passengers look curled up and ready for a long snooze. Closest to us, we have the two big handsome brothers Rodney (orange/white), and Leo (orange tabby). They have been with us the whole summer so far. Next to them, we have our handsome boy Sam (white/dark tabby patches). This must be the 'Cute & Adorably cuddly Section' of the plane. Sam will be with us for a good while longer. He will surely enjoy the next few weeks with Leo & Rodney... and, we love having them!

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