Wednesday, August 19, 2009

When they feel completely safe, they can be completely them selves.

(Left) There is our little ham... or, should I say, Saucisse! Little Saucisse, just left us, with her sister Pudgewick. Yes, this is the extroverted comedian of the two.

(Below) Tessie Wessie....! Hi there gorgeous girl! Our little friend Tess (dark tabby/white) visits us, and her friends, regularly. Cats don't get much more social than this.... She always has a great time. She makes a point of it!

(Below) Frankie (black/white) visits us regularly with his brother Leftie. I call Frankie, Mr Distractable.... He has a special vet diet. We have to feed him, in the hallway, during the day because he will skip eating, all together, if there is something else to do, or someone else to watch... As much as he does like his food, this little man would not eat, all together, if he could just play and watch the other cats.

(Left) Hi there Whiskers (orange tabby). This handsome little guy is visiting us again with his, not so little brother, Chazz. You will see him soon too. Both boys are very social and friendly, with people and other cats. Chazz loves to play with the crazy young ones.

(Left) Prince (black/white top) and Missy (black/white bottom), are both quite shy cats, around people. They each tend to gravitate to the safety of the kitchen cabinets. Prince has just arrived, so he starts out in the cupboards, but will soon take up residence underneath his favorite train cars. Missy has always been drawn to the cupboards. She doesn't venture far from them.

(Left) I guess that we all know what little Felix (black/white) gets up to outside. You would need to look up, waaaayyy up, like the Friendly Giant, if you want to track this little handsome boy down. He feels very safe when he's up high. That's fine with me.

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