Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lots more company coming today!

(Left) Sam (white with dark tabby) is back again this summer for a nice long visit with all of his friends. He's making himself right at home exploring all of the changes that we've made since last year. Leo (grey), and his sister Mittens, are very well integrated into the group. They are laid back and relaxed.

(Left) Some people may recognize Hank (black/white) from earlier this year, or Kuzia (dark tabby), who is straddling the kitty cab.... It's funny, because Kuzia looks a lot like Abraham, one of our medium haired dark tabbies, from earlier this spring. Abraham loved to sit like this too. Not many cats do! That's our little girl Lynx (dark tabby) sitting inside of the Kitty Cab. She must be a very fast driver, because Kuzia is really hanging on! Hank, up in his airplane, seems to have found something very interesting to watch out in the hallway.

(Left) Mater (white with orange tabby) is a handsome, playful 10 month old boy. And, boy oh boy, can he play! I should've had live video capturing his first adventure on the ferris wheel... He found very imaginative ways to manoeuvre through it, from right side, to left, then to the top, then back to left.... You had to see it, to really get the full effect of his determination...

(Left) This is our boy Schisser (dark tabby) with his 'Is my wet food on it's way?!?' look. Yes, we often find him hanging out in the Pirate Boat... his favorite space.... We just had to prove to people that he does come out of there sometimes!

(Left) People may recognize our handsome little Marcel (grey/white) from earlier this year... He's back in for his 2nd visit. He used to need his own room, due to a medical condition... but he's such a friendly little guy, he didn't like that too much... Great news! He's much better now..

(Left) I see a cute little grey & white face peeking out of that basket at me.... Sure enough, it is our adorable little Bailey. She moves back and forth between the baskets and the window benches... Her brother Sydney is usually in the airplane, while her sister Cali, loves her favorite big pillows, up high on our stair structure.... The handsome little lad in the background (black/white) is Theo. He loves the windows too... and, that far corner bunk bed that you see farthest in... You'll only find him on the top bed though.

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