Sunday, August 2, 2009

Charlotte & Isabell Looking for their 'Forever Home'

(Left) Charlotte is a Long Hair-black and white female kitten. On the Right, we have Isabell. She is a brown and black adult female tabby
Charlotte (above) is absolutely adorable. She is the last of the litter to be adopted but when she was with her sibling she would lead them on adventures. Very smart, Charlotte is always watching and listening and loves playing with her toys and cuddling when she gets exhausted. All the siblings have had everything they've needed, from day one, to be perfect, healthy and socialized little kittens. Charlotte and her siblings were born to Isabell, so her story, would not be complete without telling her mother’s story too.

Isabell was born in a derelict barn, behind a church, in a small town in the fall of 2008; one of about seven young females trying to survive on the food left out for the cats by kindly homeowners. In the spring, all of the females were pregnant and some of the Toms were killing the kittens. It was a sad, frightening and meagre existence. Isabell had been injured and was having difficulty walking on one leg. She was also ready to deliver. Rather than have the kittens suffer the same difficult life as the mothers, Cat Rescue Network took Isabell into a foster home and sought medical care for her. At first she was terrified at being in a home; however, she soon decided that she liked a life without fear, hunger and cold. Her four kittens were born in a warm box and Isabell was given good food and care.
Our friends at the Cat Rescue Network, would love to hear from you, if you are seriously interested or have more questions, about adopting these or any other cats/kittens. They can be reach at 613-820-7088 or online at .

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