Monday, August 10, 2009

Holidays are Happy Days!

(Left) Our adorable little Skittles (dark tabby) looks quite sad in this picture but actually, she was walking from one side to the other, headbutting the door and sides of the phone booth, being a ham... It's amazing that I actually snapped her looking straight on. It was endless motion.

(Below) This gorgeous white kitty is named Celeste. She has one yellow eye and one blue. Like most white cats, with two different colored eyes, she is deaf. She visited us last summer too, with her older brother Moggy... you'll see him later this week

(Left) This adorable calico is called Max. She's visiting with her half brother, BouBou the bunny, pictured below. They are both very gentle .... Our girl Max can be shy at first but then turns into a schmooze.

(Above) Caline (dark tabby) is visiting for the first time. She's quite friendly considering that she just arrived on Saturday, and it's been very busy. She's not a very big kitty.

(Left) Kedosh (chocolate point Siamese) is a bit reserved, until you give her your undivided attention... then, she turns into a ham... rolls & back flips.....She's very sweet.
(Below) Here's BouBou bunny...This big handsome boy has visited us a few times. He's quite independant, not shy, not a social butterfly... he's happiest doing his own thing... He does enjoy watching the cats. He's used to kitties, with having Max (above) at the house.

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