Sunday, August 9, 2009

Little Laura looking for her Forever Home

The good people at the Cat Rescue Network are hopeful to find a loving and welcoming home for Little Laura. She is a young female brown/black tabby cat.

Little Laura is one of Mona's kittens. Mona's story is appended to the bottom of her kittens' story. Little Laura is a beautiful, loving little tabby, born outdoors at the beginning of November/08. A kind lady gave Mona and her three kittens, Mittle, Kittle and Little Laura, a cardboard box filled with straw and covered with a tarpaulin. That is where they spent the entire winter. In March, Mona had six more kittens and all nine kittens and Mona lived in the small box. Mona and her days old kittens were taken in to Cat Rescue Network in March and Mittle, Kittle and Little Laura remained in the box for several more weeks before they could be taken in. By then they were pregnant. In April, the three sisters were taken in and their kittens were born indoors in May. The sisters quickly became loving, playful pets. They were very happy to be safe indoors and enjoyed their new toys, regular food and the warmth of a home.

When their kittens were born, the sisters, who were only six months old themselves, found a safe place under a dresser and shared the parenting of all seven kittens. They were good and protective mothers.
Mona and her second batch of kittens have all been adopted and Mittle and Kittle were recently adopted together. That leaves Little Laura with all the kittens. It's her turn now to find her forever home. Little Laura deserves a loving home of her own, preferably with one of her kittens. The little survivor has known too much hardship in her short life.

Mona's Story - Mona was once a domestic cat. That can easily be seen by her calm, friendly nature. She was lost or abandoned in the summer of 2008 when just a kitten and could be seen scrounging for food. By late fall she was pregnant and she had her first litter outdoors. A kind person covered a cardboard box , about the size of a microwave box, with a blanket and a tarpaulin, and filled it with straw. She could not take her indoors because the other rescued animals in the small home, especially the ferrets, would not accept her. She was fed daily and delivered her kittens in the box. They all survived winter's deep freeze and the many storms. Then, when the kittens were about 8 weeks old, Mona left them for places unknown. The little wild kittens lived in the box. Mona was around, she came for her daily meal, then left. In early March the kittens were about 12 to 16 weeks old when Mona reappeared. She shooed them from the box for a day, then allowed them back and the entire family took up residence in the box. The kind lady suspected there were new kittens in the box. She dared not look, for fear that Mona would relocate the new kittens. Instead she called Cat Rescue Network and a foster parent went to collect the new family. Inside the box were Mona, her first kittens and six newborn kittens, their eyes just beginning to open (7 to 10 days old).. Mona and the six newborns were taken to a foster home and two weeks later , when the ferrets had been adopted, the lady was able to take the older kittens into her home to socialize them. A week later Mona accepted and nursed a little day old kitten who had been abandoned by its mother. Mona loved being indoors. She was a good mother but loved the foster family and would curl up on a blanket with the little girl in the house when she was not tending to her large litter.
If you would like to adopt Little Laura, or would like more information, please call our friends at the Cat Rescue Network , Ottawa, ON(613)820-7088, or online at

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