Friday, August 14, 2009

There is just nothing like Air Conditioning some days!

(Left) Theo (black/white) and his brother Finley & sister Belle, have been visiting with us for the past couple of weeks. It is their first time at the Pet B&B. What a friendly, social little family this is. Theo loves to sit and lie in front of the big sunny windows.

(Left) What a contented little face we have here. Our handsome boy Saki, went home a short while ago. He's a Himilayan kitty. He has a very laid back, easy going personality. Nothing bothers him. Nothing worries him. Nothing stresses him. He's a little Mister Sunshine.

(Left) This picture of Daphne looks a bit distorted because I was so close to her and she had her little paw moving about. She's a playful little one... and, loved to keep BigBird2 company, every chance she got.

(Left) Meanwhile, our adorable girl Feline (dark tabby), always finds time to keep BigBird1 company, on the first floor. She's been with us a couple of weeks. She goes home next week. She comes looking for her neckrubs, all day long. She's very gentle and loves to sit in the windows when she's not otherwise occupied with our LoveBird.

(Left) There's another of our new faces. Swoosh (black/white) is visiting with his sister Lex, for the first time. They get along very well together. Swoosh was a bit shy at first, and would hang out in the townhouses with my big Selenite stone. It didn't take him long to get into the swing of things. Now, you never know where you'll find him.

(Left) More adorable new faces. Pudgewick is visiting with her sister Saucisses, for the first time. Pudgewick is the more reserved of the two, and likes to hang out in the kitchen cupboards when it's busy at the kennel. Saucisses, on the other hand, is usually found, where the people are, especially if it's busy.

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