Thursday, August 6, 2009

A few of Ottawa's black cats & tabby cats!

(Left) Doesn't this little face ooze Schmooze... to you!? Little Daphne (dark tabby) just visited us for her second time. She can play with the best of them. She had lots of young crazy kitties to do that with...She sure remembered BigBird2... she's seen here, sleeping on his birdhouse... Just keepin' him warm!

(Left) Shadow (black with white undercoat) is in for the first visit. She's a quiet and gentle big girl. Her favorite hang out is usually in one of our lower kitchen cabinets. We often find her bunking with one of the other shy cats. I'd say that she's more shy of people than the other cats. I'm guessing that she moves around the whole group when we're not there.

(Left) Lionel (dark tabby) is a handsome big boy. He's very friendly and social with the other cats, as well as all people. Here's a kitty that would love a buddy to live with. I'm sure he has a ton of neighbourhood cat friends. As you can tell... he loves height... the higher, the better..

(Left) Our adorable little Trudy (black), was caught, mid stretch, just as she was getting up, to come and see what kinds of new foods that I had put down for everyone... She has a house full of family visiting... sans le chien.... so, I'm sure that she'll be pleased of that.... This is another Little Miss, that can look so innocent but knows how to turn on the charm...

(Below) Sparky (dark tabby), you're too cute like that! I guess that he wants the front row seat, to keep an eye on where that tractor is going.... 'A little bit more to left.. ok, more.... get your line back.... Trust me. I know what I see!'

(Below) Does our handsome boy Burt (dark tabby) look well rested now? His little brother Churchill (5 month kitten), has been burning all of the other kitties out with his playful antics.... I think that Burt is happy for the break, even if it is only for a week this time.... He and his brother do great at the Pet B&B. They're both a lot of fun.

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