Friday, August 21, 2009

More Ottawa Cats on Holiday...

(Left) Erin managed to snap a cozy shot of the two gorgeous sisters, Streak (tortoise shell) and Taz (dark/caramel tabby). They have been with us a while already. Taz can be spotted all over the place but her sister Streak, likes to stay where it's dark and high up. They are both very gentle and a bit shy.

(Left) Yes, we kinda woke our adorable little Dixie (grey/white tabby) up, with this shot. She's gotten so big since we last saw her. She also likes height the best. She scoped out her big yellow pillow right away. She has a gorgeous soft coat and loves her neck scratches.

(Left) I popped in on Moxie (dark tabby) from the top of his train car. I've known this little boy about 7 years already. He's a big handsome boy, with a big handsome personality to match. It's always great to see him.

(Left) The tractor looks loaded and ready to pull away. Looks like everyone climbed onto the front, rather than on the back hay wagon.. That's different! On the floor, we have our boy Meowie (grey/white tabby). On the very top of the tractor, to the back, is Charlie (dark tabby/white). He's in again with his sister Sassy. Driving the big orange beast, is Leftie (black). On look-out, at the front, is Hank (black/white). Looks like they're gonna make a day of it!

(Left) Little sisters Cleo (white/dark tabby) and Lucy (dark tabby below), visited us last week. These girls are only about 11 months old now. Both are real schmoozes, when it comes to the 'getting cuddles' department. It was fun to meet them and spend some time with them.

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