Friday, August 28, 2009

As August winds down.....

(Left) Little Churchill still maintains that 'Oh, So Innocent' look about him. Actually, he's gotten very good about the floor sweeping. I don't actually have to pick him up anymore, when the broom the comes out. He's found other four-leggeds to chase instead.

(Left) Can my boy Gizmo (grey/white) steal hearts with some of these looks? He is a very agreeable model, when it's camera time. He's quite the little head-butt-er too..

(Left) There's Mox... My old friend Moxie discovered our suspended hot air balloons this visit. This was one of his favorite sleeping spaces. We have two other balloons in the room as well.. but, only found him snoozing in this one.

(Left) Quick! Take a picture! 'Cause this little firecracker doesn't sit still for long. Our adorable little Siamese Skye, is always on his way, from a to b, or y to z! Unless he's curled up, grooming himself, or sleeping, you'd better be fast with the shudder! He's got things to do! People to see!

(Left) Felix, on the other hand, loves to take his leisurely time, exploring and hanging out with his friends. He does get his energy bursts, but tends to be more of a constant energy flow kinda guy. What's the hurry?! Stop and smell the catnip!

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