Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just be your furry little self!

(Left) So many black & white kitties in this past week. Starfire, the cute little boy with the black spot on his nose, is real friendly. He goes home today, after his first visit with us. He did great and got on well with the other cats.

(Below) Unsuspecting Oreo (black/white floor), just has no idea that he's about to be pounced on, by our little bundle of kitty, Churchill. Good thing that Oreo is such a laid back, roll-with-it, kinda guy.... I'm not so sure that some of the other boys & girls, would've been so understanding... but, little Churchill has a distinct way of making everyone like him!

(Left) More kitty Yoga poses... This is a Cashmire Special... Twist & Hold.... then, rest your eyes for a while... If you feel like taking a cat nap, go for it! Cashmire & his brother Sacha, have come up with a full repertoire of these poses... I think that they should get together with Moe, of Mo-ga, and start their very own school...
(Below) We haven't seen our handsome boy Leo (grey eating) in a bit... He's still visiting us, with his tiny little old sister Mittens...They are both doing great. The other grey cutie, is Gus. She is adorable and very chatty... Her little voice might sound cranky, but once you get to know her, you'll see that she is really giving you a friendly greeting. There's our girl Paris again too.... and that is always one of her favorite snoozing spots.

(Below) OK. So maybe Cashmire, Sacha, Moe AND Lynx (dark tabby) should start that YOGA studio together.... Little girl Lynx has spent a number of weeks with us already this trip. We expect that we may have the pleasure of her company for another week or two... 2nd Cab in from the window.... That's hers! She's such a cutie....

(Below) How much for the perfect black cat statue in the corner??? you ask? This one is Priceless! Litte Kinou just went home yesterday. We've known her for many years. She is an independant little girl around the other cats and strangers. She is a big suck, with her house full of girls, back home...

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