Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hurricane Bill has nothing on these guys...

(Left) There's our little orange & white flash of color in motion... otherwise referred to as Mango. This is a lively little boy. He gets even more so, when you mix in a lively little Skye and lively little Jasper, or two.. Mango is back, for his late summer work out.

(Left) Two more young, adorable cuties... Catou (white/dark tabby) and her brother Romeo (dark tabby), popped back in for another visit, with their mother, appropriately named Maman (below).... All 3 kitties are gentle, fun, and funny... They always have a great time when they're in.

(Left) Not to be outdone by the furry threesome above, little Luz (dark tabby) is quite the little fire cracker too. She isn't one to sit still for very long and will go in search of a bit of excitement, just to keep the energy flowing. So many young, playful ones in again/still. It has been an action packed summer with all of this young energy flying about.

(Left) Here's another of our new little faces. This adorable little dark tabby/white is named Tara. It is her first visit to the Pet B&B. Mom and Dad were a bit concerned about how she'd fit in, especially considering that she's getting up in age. She wasn't the least bit worried or intimidated by being in among all of the other cats. She wandered about, right away, checking out all of the various activities, play structures, and of course, meeting BigBird1 for the first time.

(Left) There's Maman! She decided to let the little ones sleep inside of their favorite kitchen cupboards while she scoped out here very own train car. Nothing like rest, relaxation, and fresh, clean sheets.... She was taking a little breather after their morning car ride to the Pet B&B.

(Left) Winnie (black/white) and Sam (grey) enjoyed the sun filled morning, in their favorite sun filled window. These two have visited us on previous occasions. Sam, and his sister Mittens have just left us, after spending most of the summer. We enjoyed having them and look forward to their next visit. Winnie isn't leaving us just yet. We have a few more days to play and hang out with her.

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